As online content creators, we all strive to produce high-quality, engaging articles that resonate with our readers. One phrase that many of us often use is “I think we`re all in agreement,” but does this phrase actually add value to our writing, or is it just a filler statement?

First, let`s break down the phrase. “I think” implies that the writer is not completely certain and is merely proposing their opinion. “We`re all in agreement” suggests that there is a consensus among readers and the writer`s opinion aligns with theirs.

However, using this phrase can be problematic from an SEO standpoint. It doesn`t provide any valuable information or keywords that search engines can use to rank your content. It`s essentially a meaningless phrase that takes up valuable real estate in your article.

Additionally, the assumption that everyone agrees with your opinion is not always accurate. While it may seem like a way to establish authority or solidarity with readers, it can actually come across as presumptuous or dismissive of those who may have differing viewpoints.

Instead of relying on generic phrases like “I think we`re all in agreement,” focus on providing valuable content that informs and engages your readers. Use keywords and phrases that accurately reflect the topic and provide insight or solutions to common problems. By doing so, you`ll not only improve your SEO but also establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information.

In conclusion, “I think we`re all in agreement” is a phrase that should be avoided in writing. It adds no value and can come across as presumptuous. Instead, focus on providing valuable content that engages your readers and establishes your authority on the subject. As copy editors, it`s our job to ensure that every word counts in our content, and that includes avoiding filler phrases like this.